Why's Waldo

Crowds of people

Build a Waldoo Finding Empire!

You are an enterprising businessman who wants to form a thriving business selling Waldoo Flakes, a product made from the flesh of countless Waldoos.

To accomplish your goal, you have to build Waldoo hunting infrastructure, like Waldoo Grinders and Waldoo Processors, and form a staff of Waldoo searching experts.

Good luck, and may a thousand Waldoos wander into your grasp!

Thinning crowd


Click on the red person (Waldoo). Buy buildings to gain Waldoos over time, and upgrades to increase their effectiveness.

Special Buildings

Waldoo Grinders:

Waldoo grinders efficiently grind Waldoo meat into Waldoo Flakes, and add a percentage of your Waldoos Per Second to your total whenever you find a Waldoo by hand.

Waldoo Processors:

Process Waldoo meat into a form usable as a fuel for other buildings. These increase your Waldoos Per Second for every Waldoo you have found by hand. They each become more effective every time you get a new one, so in the late game these may be very potent!


Assassins kill all Non-Waldoo Individuals, making it much easier to find Waldoo when you get a lot of them.

Thinning crowd