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You should use squirt!

- electromouth

Turn on that fucking lamp

- Adam

i dont want to play that. theres to many particle effects.

- particle man

Oh my god, It tickles when I nod.

- Person with an idea

Look at Finn's eyeball ditch.

- Brodie

Why the fuck are those leaves having sex?

- Brodie

Animal Facts Fax is still under construction. It will be done soon

- Ethan

Darn it ethan. Get your shit together will ya!

- Chadwick

We a bae

- Adam Powell

My disappointment is immeasurable Ethan. animalfactsfax.org is not a real site.

- Joe

lots of round wrinkly things do.

- brodie

go to Animalfactsfax.org for animal facts sent via fax!

- Ethan

I forgot about the quotes thing.

- Ethan

I forgot about the quotes thing.

- Ethan

Is it legal? It doesn't matter.

- Aviva Brandes-Krug

Skinny people have three elbows.

- Someone with a normal number of elbows

Cave exploration is a very popular past-time in Belize

- Ethan Francis-Wright

This was clearly a Fardinian slip.

- anonymous

what is a co-founder of a soccer ball company's favorite programming language? COBOL!

- Ethan

I'll share my leg with you.

- Milo Rossi

You ARE a human being if you go to WPI.

- Brodie Hawkes

Lemons: it's a vegetable

- Incorrect Person

The pinkies definitely stronger.

- Adam Powell

I'm sassy!!

- Ben Roth

I'm sassy!!

- Ben Roth

Give yourself a fish and walk backwards


I got two different putties. One's more intense.

- Adam Powell

Futur- ...ohhh.

- Brodie Hawkes

Is that an anime?

- Ross Bob

Yeah art is pretty cool.

- Jack


- pk


- PK

How box is an oracle

- autocorrect

Because Geese love it.

- Adam Powell

The circular wing is the superior way to travel space.

- Nathan Lee Carnes

Direct Democracy

- Nathan Lee Carnes

Guys the sewer is dark

- glittersparkle

Direct Democracy

- Nathan Lee Carnes

Life is like lemon juice. it is sour and acidic.

- Ethan

the past is a time that can no longer be touched by man while the future is shaped by their hands.

- Matt

Garlicoin is the future

- everyone with a lick of sense

Don't litter, you little piece of shit.

- Dwayne the Storm Drain


- Man having a cramp

Look at that dumb house

- Brodie Hawkes

I recommend NetScape Navigator 3.0 and Windows 95

- Terracottafrog

Merry Christmas (eve) * 358

- Santa

My name is odd to spell and I like candles. So yeah

- Barsygan

The opinions expressed herein represents those of Porcelain toad's and his subsidaries

- Porcelain Toad

I can see you in a suit, goin goop goop goop goop goop

- Brodie

The Meaning of life is to accept that life is meaningless

- Puarsliburf


- Random quoter

Put it on the quotes!

- Ethan

I'm not making fun, I'm pointing out the fun that's already in the room!

- Eric Marshall; Physics Teacher Extraordinaire

God does not play dice with the universe.

- Albert Einstein

The universe is a deadly place. At every opportunity it's trying to kill us.

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

My brain is the key that sets me free

- Harry Houdini

Anybody can do it if you jerk that much.

- Cristopher Thompson

Spam abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz to win

- tutorial

Its not rat-based powers, its more of a rat-based game.

- Ben Powell

If I say something stupid put it on here

- ethan

Whenever you say anything it can be quoted

- Ethan

I want a supa cah

- Matt

Me bought it

- MAtt

Youre wrong and Im blond.

- Adam

he cant

- Thonan

I can stop whenever I want

- Rhodgar, The Light Bringer

If it works, there are no flaws

- Ethan

if arr[i] undefined return a

- Ethan

Your mom is very old fashioned She googles things

- Dad

I didnt know you had a goose that you occasionally sqeeze

- Brodie Hawkes

Smoshie on the outside but an ice cube within

- Partly defrosted bread

We should have a words of wisdom page

- OP

Why is this owl trying to give me drugs

- Ethan

Krispy Kreme is not a blood type

- Nate

The <marquee> tag is the best

- Ethan

i prefer Emacs to VIM

- Ethan

insert wisdom here

- insert name here

I dont like fun. I am going to delete stuff

- Adam

There is no real ethan

- Ethan

^^ The above ethan is fake. I am the true ethan

- Ethan

I can sprint a mile

- Ethan

I can run a mile

- Ethan

Internet explorer is so good. chrome sucks

- Jacob

terracottafrog.com is a good website

- u.s Supreme Court

matt is a quote copier. do not trust his quotes

- Ethan

Wisdom is knowing when your wrong

- Matt

Sometimes, you dont need to be right to prove a point

- Ethan

Do you think that would stop a keyboard licker? Nothing can stop a keyboard licker.

- Anonymous

Computers are smart

- Chris

Where there is a will there is a way. However, sometimes a will means somebody is going to die

- Ethan

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

- Nikola Tesla

God does not play dice with the universe.

- Albert Einstein

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic.

- Nathaniel D. -- 2017

It's a crazy world we live in. Sometimes the biggest idiot gets through.

- Pratush Kc

Micro transactions



- Jesus

I saw the sister of Ben kissing a boy.

- Derp Lord

Do your work.

- Mom

I am groot

- Vin Diesel



Smells like a burning

- Matt

The bunny can go into a backroom and take its head off without traumatizing any children.

- HE

I wish I had a car door right now.

- Anonymous

love is not a virus

- terracottafrog

Soul is a hamhock in your cornflakes

- George Clinton

The army ants will leave nothing but your bones

- Tom Waits

Keep it greasy so it'll go down easy

- Frank Zappa

American men are not supposed to be pedophiles.

- BH

I would rather eat human fingers fried than eat the chicken that they have here.

- ben roth

I can never stay inside the lines. I'm an artist.

- Bitslap

bitslap is a liar

- terracottafrog



its a blank keyboard... so i can hack better. Basically

- bitslap

"there are no mistakes, only happy accidents... but this is just stupid"

- bitslap

a keygun

- bitslap

looks like a key and a gun

- bitslap

first thing next morning im going down to the local appstore

- bitslap


- Every High school student ever, of all time

I feel like life loves to screw just ME over, but then I look at the person next to me.

- JH

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

- Nathaniel D. --2017

Work hard, get hit by a train.

- Nathaniel D. --2017


- spammer

A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage

- Ancient Hero

You miss 100 percent of the shots you dont take

- Michael Scott

And Mexico is going to pay for it





- Andrews computer

A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous - got me?

- Captain Beefheart

having a cooldown on a quest item is like having a cooldown on butter

- Matt O.

Its like having a cooldown on butter

- Matt

Be sure to add comments to your code to maximize readability.

- Larry Bird

When traversing an array, make sure to not try to access an index of the array that is out of bounds

- Aristotle

Order 66

- Palpatine

Better toppings, better pizza....damn, wrong company.

- Dominos

Give a monkey an apple and he will either throw it at you or eat it.

- reggie jackson

I Didnt say that

- The Pope

You miss 100 percent of the shots you dont take

- The Pope